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  • LOOK BETTER & FEEL BETTER naturally, with the Esenti Jade Facial Roller and Jade Gua Sha board. Indulge in this all natural, anti-aging therapy that helps reduce wrinkles & remove fine lines. Tone & Tighten your facial muscles while you reduce puffiness around the eyes. The Esenti Jade Roller is an effective, healthy skin treatment that can improve complexion, giving you radiant glowing skin. Feel & Look younger today, with Esenti Jade Face Roller.
  • ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE is easy with the Esenti Face Massager. Jade rolling your face helps massage the lymphatic system & promotes healthy lymphatic drainage, ridding your body of toxins & excess fluids. Jade roller therapy can reduce those puffy bags around your eyes, dark circles and dark spots. The jade facial roller fights the effects of aging, helps with acne & relieves stress and tension in the face. Improve the circulation in your face and leave your skin looking and feeling amazing!
  • HANDMADE & HAND CARVED, our jade facial roller is made from only 100% all natural and unprocessed jade gemstone. Mined from the Himalayan Mountains, where for centuries Jade has been used for its natural healing and anti aging skin care benefits. Carved and assembled completely by hand, with attention to detail and quality construction. Each face roller is unique in its color, from light mint to a deep dark green. It’s convenient double roller design offers a larger roller for the face & nec
  • INCLUDES JADE GUA SHA, EXFOLIATING SPONGE & FREE EBOOK! The gua sha scraper offers an additional skin care tool for massaging the face & body. Use your favorite facial serum or oil to lubricate the skin. Keep the gua sha board nearly flat, gently pulling from the inside out, repeating each stroke 3 times. With your free hand, hold the skin at the starting point to give a good stretch, moving the scraper outward or upward, slightly into the hair line.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Esenti stands by their products and commitment to customer service. So if you’re unhappy, simply return them to within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price. Make the Esenti face roller part of your everyday routine, rolling for 10 minutes outward and upward. Try putting them in the refrigerator for a few minutes for a refreshing cooling effect!

Feeling puffy, swollen and less bright-eyed when you wake up in the morning?

Our face is a reflection of our overall health and it shows the world how we feel. In the way that our bodies store excess water and become sluggish when we consume or put it through stress, our faces too store a lot of tension which takes a toll on skin, causing wrinkles and puffiness. Massaging the lymphatic system is important to remove the build-up of toxins and stimulate your facial muscles.

Cool, tighten, and de-puff your face in seconds with Esenti’s Jade Roller Set.

Our Jade Rollers are created to invigorate your regular facial massages and to give you an enhanced experience through a cool and smooth surface which allows you to gently knead your muscles and tissues. It boosts circulation and helps drain the lymphatic system, reduces puffiness and undereye circles, brightens the complexion, tightens pores, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, and allows skincare products to penetrate more deeply.

Made from only 100% natural and unprocessed Jade gemstones, they are carved and assembled completely by hand, with attention to detail and quality construction. It’s the complete gift and pampering set which comes in a small storage bag with a Jade roller, Jade Gua Sha scraper, a green tea infused exfoliating sponge, and an instruction eBook. So, glide it slowly over your skin and soak up the ice-cold sensation of 100% natural Jade.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to make the right choice:
✅ Smoothens fine lines
✅ Enhances benefits of serums
✅ Flushes toxins via lymphatic drainage
✅ Stimulates collagen production
✅ Boosts elastin

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