Beet Root Capsules 1300mg Organic Beetroot Powder Extract 60CT


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  • ✔️ ORGANIC BEETROOT: Beet root is a natural, plant based nutrient powerhouse. Support athletic performance, immune support, natural energy, and stamina. Beets are also naturally rich in chemicals called nitrates – which your body converts into nitric oxide
  • ✔️ ANTIOXIDANT: Beetroot is naturally low in carbohydrates, packed full of essential nutrients like Vitamins B6, C, and potassium, and contains an antioxidant called ALA that helps defend against free radicals
  • ✔️ EXTRA STRENGTH CAPSULES: Don’t like the taste of beets? Our Beet Root Capsules provide all the benefits without having to taste beet juice powders or juices. We pack 1300mg of organic beetroot powder into each serving of our vegetarian capsules for clean, convenient support
  • ✔️ MADE IN THE USA: Our Beet Root Powder is formulated and manufactured in the USA following strict cGMP guidelines. Each batch is tested in a third-party laboratory to ensure quality and purity


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