Ashwagandha Capsules 1300mg – 60 Capsules – Stress Support, Anxiety, Mood


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Ashwagandha root is considered a drug of “Rasayana”, a Sanskrit word that translates to path of essence and a practice of Ayurvedic medicine that refers to the science of lengthening lifespan. Many of its health benefits live up to this centuries-old reputation, but there is a catch here. In order for you to reap the health benefits of ashwagandha, like reduced cortisol levels and improved heart health, you need to be absorbing it properly. Thats where romeo health comes in, with our potent 1300MG formula you can rest assure you are in good hands!


Reduce blood sugar

Reduce cortisol levels (stress)

Treat arthritis

May increase muscle mass and strength

Prevent loss of brain function

Improve heart health


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